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Community Consultation Presentations

Stuart Cameron —

During Term 3, the Board of Trustees will be consulting our parent community about Halswell School's Vision for Teaching and Learning and the Strategic Plan. These key documents will set the future direction for education at Halswell School. As part of this, we have organised the following special presentations:

  • The Developing Brain - Nathan Wallis (Wednesday 12 August 7.30-9.00pm)
  • Positive Education - Dr Sarah Anticich & John Quinn (Thursday 20 August 7.00-8.30pm) 

About the Presentations

The Developing Brain 

Halswell School is proud to announce that Nathan Wallis, the host of the documentary “All in the Mind” and co-host of the TV series “The Secret Life of Girls”, is coming to our community with his talk - The Developing Brain.

Captivating audiences over 200 times per year to sell-out events, Nathan has a profound reputation as a lively and engaging speaker. He uses humour and plain language to make his complex topic burst into life.

In this presentation, Nathan provides an informative narrative on how our day-to-day interactions with children and young people, significantly the early years, plays a crucial role in defining later outcomes for our children. In his talk, Nathan will guide you through the stages of brain development from the first 1000 days and into adulthood. He will reveal little tricks that will hopefully make parenting easier, and help you open up communication with your child. You will walk away with a much better understanding of how both your child's brain and your own brain works.

Positive Education 

Research indicates that there is an unprecedented emerging crisis in the mental health of children and young people across the globe. One of the remedies to address this crisis is the development of cultures within environments that will equip students with the skills, strategies and knowledge to maintain high levels of personal wellbeing now and in their futures lives.

John Quinn and Dr Sarah Anticich are highly regarded experts in the field of Positive Education. They are the co-founders of Performance Wellbeing and work with a broad range of organisations including schools and elite athletes.

Their presentation will explain the 'why' behind the importance of wellbeing and what we can do as parents and educators to foster positive environments at home and school that will enable all children to flourish. 

These presentations have been fully funded by the Board of Trustees but due to the popularity of these speakers, we will be ticketing both events. Please note that these are intended to be presentations for our school community so we respectfully request that you only reserve tickets for people who have an association with the school. The presentations are pitched for an adult audience.

To register for a ticket(s) please click here. Ticket allocation will close at 3pm on Tuesday 11 August.

If you have any questions about either event please contact our Office Manager Heather Burnby on 3227038.