Hero photograph
Photo by Rob Naysmith

Korfball Canterbury Competition

Lisa Dovey —

A report from the A Team on the Competition.

On Wednesday the 25th of September, the Year 7&8 A, B and C teams went to participate in the Canterbury Korfball competition at the Celebration Centre.

The A team started off by winning all but one pool game, and reaching a draw in the other game. We moved into the semi-finals feeling confident, but very nervous. We had a small food break in between but didn’t want to get the stitch so didn’t eat much.

We won the semi final against Pegasus Bay by one point, after a very intense game! Our faces were all bright red and sweaty. We were all trying so hard to win. Both teams at one point, even got told by the Ref, telling us to calm down!

That took us to the finals, in the lead, where our opposition was Kirkwood A (a team we had previously beaten 4-1) so we were very excited to see how the game would go. We got too hyped up and had to slow it down, as we were missing so many goals.

After taking a deep breath, and some great communication, Ben W set-up Keira for a shot and she made it. Kirkwood then scored a goal and we swapped sides. The ball was down our attackers end so the defenders watched hoping someone would score a goal. All of a sudden Eve got the ball, turned around extremely fast and shot the ball mid turn! Everyone went crazy, clapping for her. It was such a great shot. The end of the game was coming and we tried our best to keep the ball. In the end we…won!! 2-1. Everyone was super proud and happy to have been part of such a fun tournament.