Hero photograph

Missing Images on Hero


We have been informed by the team at Hero that they have suffered a technical incident that has resulted in a small percentage of images being corrupted on one of their servers hosted by Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately, the images have been unable to be recovered. All written content of posts remains available and no data of any other kind has been compromised. There has been no security or privacy breach. 

Hero had multiple backups and contingency plans in place to avoid such an event. The incident that led to the problem was one-off and extremely unusual. Microsoft Azure have now subsequently released additional backup and retrieval services for their clients in the Southern Hemisphere to ensure this cannot happen again for LINC-ED or any other company. The team at Hero are extremely sorry that this has occurred and for the impact that it has had on our school and community.

Naturally, as a school we are upset and disappointed that this has happened. We have received support from the senior team at Hero and they are continuing to support our school through this. Some, but not all, of the images will be able to be reinstated.  We are currently working through this with them.

More information regarding data, privacy and security from Hero can be accessed here.