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EduSing - Small group singing lessons coming next year!!

Rob Naysmith —

We are really excited to be able to offer high quality, affordable, group singing lessons from next year for children in Years 5-8. Enrolment info will come out in the next few weeks.

EduSing is an exciting new small-group singing lesson programme designed by a singing and education specialist. The unique programme is designed to give your child all the benefits of an instrumental musical education combined with the emotional, physical, and psychological benefits associated in scientific studies with singing.

And... it’s FUN!

The Lessons:

Weekly 30 minute lessons cover the basics of a well- rounded music/vocal education system:

• posture • breathing • reading music notation • pitch matching • tone quality • harmonising • sight reading • rhythm reading • textural understanding • acting • voice knowledge • confidence • musical and theatrical expression

The teachers:

EduSing teachers are selected for their interest and ability to work with young people. They are specially trained in the EduSing curriculum as well as voice science and best practice educational techniques specific to primary school-aged children.

The results:

EduSing is designed to send students into secondary school singing with excellent vocal and musical techniques, the ability to easily read music and sing advanced harmonies, and an overall confidence in their singing and performance.

The materials:

All songs, exercises, and study materials are chosen specifically for EduSing and are made available online to EduSing schools. Each stage is designed to progress the student through the EduSing curriculum.

The relationship:

EduSing is built around relationships; with the students, with the schools, and with the parents. Schools and parents may utilise EduSing staff in other capacities from productions to private singing lessons.

The developer:

Ravil Atlas was a professional opera and musical theatre soloist in the United States and Europe for more than 20 years.

Now known throughout New Zealand as a voice and performing specialist, conductor, and director, Ravil has developed EduSing for you.