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Photo by Rob Naysmith

3pm Traffic we need your help please.

Rob Naysmith —

The crossing on Halswell road is becoming more and more dangerous as traffic volumes continue to increase. We are in talks with NZTA about how we can make the area safer but in the mean time we would really like to encourage people to avoid turning right out of Larsens road onto Halswell Road. Alternatively you can turn left at the end of school road and then right onto Glovers and then out to Halswell Road, or go down Kennedy's Bush Road. Often the quickest way out of school is to park in O'Halloran or somewhere on the other side of the crossing walk in collect the kids and then cross over for an easy exit, for older children they can quite happily make their way to you. Also please keep moving through the drop off zone, we may look to extend this. The teaching staff, Board of Trustees and our local community police officer are really concerned about this and need your help to help keep things safe for all our children.