T-Group Placement 2020

Rob Naysmith —

As we head towards the end of the year we are continuing to look at whole school organisation including class placements for 2020.

Our staff spend a lot of time and effort when organising student placements.  As I'm sure you can appreciate, it is an enormous logistical exercise to organise over 600 students into 25 T Groups for the start of the new school year.  It is important to note that T Group placement is no longer as crucial as it was in single-cell classrooms as our teachers are working in highly collaborative environments and our students see and learn alongside each other on a daily basis. 

We do, however, recognise that the T Group teacher still plays a key role in the pastoral care of students and are a vital communication link with you. Given this, if you have important new and/or exceptional information you would like us to consider when compiling the T Group lists, please record these using the following T Group placement Form found here You may also wish to indicate any relationship issues with other children that we should take into account. Please do not request specific teachers or friendship groups as these requests will not be able to be considered. Please also note that, although specific requests will be considered, due to a number of factors, we can not make any guarantees that we will be able to accommodate all requests. 

Finally, please refrain from approaching teachers with any placement related queries or issues. If you do need to speak to someone in person please make an appointment through the office to see either Cathie or Rob.