Hero photograph
Photo by Natasha Fraser

3rd for our Year 6 Orienteers!

Natasha Fraser —

Four of our Year 6 girls competed in the Year 5/6 Canterbury Summer Tournament. Here is a report from Annabel Diprose.

Last week on the 31st of October, four Year 6 girls went to Hagley Park in Christchurch to participate in the Year 5 and 6 Summer Tournament. We participated in the orienteering category. We had been training with my dad Marcus Diprose in the quarry, figuring out how to find the markers and what we need to do when it came to the competition. We were prepared as much as we could be. When we got there, we started by doing a team rogaining activity. Rogaining is like orienteering but you have a time limit to try get as many points as you can and still get back to the start point in time.  After a quick snack, we started the next activity, individual orienteering. There were two course an easy and a hard one. Holly and Millie did the the easy one in 11 minutes while Aimee and I did the long course 17 minutes. Last up was prize giving. The points from the team rogaining event and the individual orienteering course were added together.  We came third in the orienteering.  We were so proud of ourselves! A big thank you to Marcus for coaching us and Lesley for taking us on the day and supporting us.