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Newletter Week 10 Term 2

Week 10 and the end of the term has arrived!! It is hard to believe we are half way through the school year. Plenty has been going on across the school with science being the main subject focus for the term. Please read the main article about all the fabulous science learning that has been happening across the term. 

The Urzila Carlson event is selling well, don't miss out on tickets. Either purchase before school or book tickets via email see article for more details. I'm sure it's going to be a great night.

We have a Performing Arts assembly this Friday 9am featuring Choir, Vocal Group, Orchestra, Hip Hop a ballet soloist and music ensemble. Please feel free to join us for this musical celebration.

Disco Tomorrow don't forget to get tickets tomorrow before school.

Next term the Newsletter will be going out on a Thursday starting week 2.

We hope everyone has a safe, restful term break and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 23rd July.

Rob Naysmith

Associate Principal


Science Learning Celebration

by Rob Naysmith

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From the Principal

by Bruce Topham

Info on Teacher Collective Agreement Negotiations (Strike), the holidays and some positive feedback.

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Getting ‘Praise Mistakes’ Right

by Angela Pettersson

Here at Halswell we have a focus on developing a growth mindset in our learners. Here is some great info on how we see mistake making. 'Mistakes aren't good or bad they are signposts that tell us what we are yet to learn.' Mindful by Design.

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Canterbury Cross Country

by Rob Naysmith

Congratulations to Cameron Gilmore for making it to and competing in the Canterbury Cross Country final.

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Ballet Success

by Rob Naysmith

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Library News

by Zac McCallum

Find out what is happening in our library

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Urzila Carlson - Tickets Selling Fast!

by Parent Teacher Association at Halswell School

Thursday 2 August at Halswell School - All Proceeds Towards Tiered Seating in the Hall

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Community News

by Sandra Luff

Baxter's Buddies please see picture gallery

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