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Photo by Andy Thomson

🏴 End-of-Year Examination Success for Argyle House 👨‍🎓

Andy Thomson —

A group of Year 9 and 10 students recently experienced success in their examinations, showcasing an excellent dedication to their studies and an impressive grasp of the curriculum content they covered this year. Their achievements reflect their efforts and highlight the supportive environment cultivated within Argyle House.

In Year 9, Toby Bower and Jonah Funnell performed excellently across all four core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). Their diligent approach to learning has set them apart as exemplary scholars within Argyle House. Additionally, Zac Wing showcased outstanding proficiency in Mathematics, alongside commendable performances in English and Science. Finally, Fraser Gray and Karlos Duncan put in a lot of effort preparing for their exams, and it paid off. Their commendable performance across all core subjects stands as a testament to their hard work. 

In Year 10, Ethan Hyatt and Hayden Sherlock performed exceptionally well in their respective programmes. They showcased proficiency in all four core subjects. Additionally, Logan Fulton and Regen Rahiri excelled in their Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies examinations. They did not complete an English examination and instead completed the Level 1 Literacy Assessment and I look forward to seeing their results in January.

All of these students should take immense pride in their achievements and aim to continue their success in 2024.