Hero photograph
Photo by Matthew Clark

Student of the Week: Zak Hooper (Term 2 Week 5)

Matthew Clark —

Introducing our school's very first 'Student of the Week', Zak Hooper.

Zak is a Year 10 student at HBHS who is the absolute embodiment of service and leadership both within the school and the wider community.

Within the HBHS community, he helps out at the school's Multicultural Manaaki Centre, where he helps to tutor former refugee students at our school with their schoolwork, as well as with swimming.  He is also the founder and leader of the school's Astronomy Club.

Outside of school in the wider community, Zak enjoys helping his mother with her charitable work.  For example, his family is involved with charitable work with people in Bali.  Among their many contributions to the people of Bali, one standout example for Zak was their work helping to build a home for a family in need.

At home, he also helps his family to provide care for his sibling, Charley.

Thank you, Zak, for all of your contributions to our school community and the wider community.