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2021 Brotherhood Football Game
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⚽ The Annual HBHS Brotherhood Football Match 2021 - Sponsored by Paladin Sports

Mohid Rizwan —

Here at HBHS, we take pride in our sense of brotherhood.

This is why on the 23rd of June, during World Refugee Week, we celebrated our camaraderie between all our students regardless of culture or origin with our annual Brotherhood Football Match.  Displaying good sportsmanship and keeping in the spirit of love and brotherhood, a team of former refugees from our Multicultural Manaaki Centre (MMC) faced off against an opposing team of other HBHS students in a good-willed football match, with the rest of the school showing their support with cheering, playing drums, and even a half-time haka.

Although this is the third such Brotherhood Match, what made this year’s so special was the student organisation.  A talented team of senior students from all Prefect Committees aided our Refugee Coordinator, Mrs Naaz Shah, in planning and executing not only the football match, but also Tutor Group quizzes, writing competitions, and the after-match event, featuring various guests and sponsors in attendance.

While this year the MMC team may have lost 2 - 0, as always it is the spirit of brotherhood that HBHS encapsulates that prevails. 

A huge thanks must go to Paladin Sports for the sponsorship of the amazing gear the boys wore. We appreciate this wonderful contribution to the brotherhood football match.