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📱 Incoming Changes to the HBHS Devices Policy

The HBHS Media Team —

An outline of the new devices policy, including the use of cellphones to be implemented at HBHS this year.

Tēnā koutou katoa e te whānau,

Over the past few months we have carefully considered and worked through a change to our use of devices in school policy, which included the use of cell phones at intervals and lunchtimes. After extensive consultation with our school community and, after gaining the support of our Board of Trustees, we are now ready to implement this change.

Below is an outline of the device policy changes that will be first implemented in Week 5 of this term, and the timeline associated with these changes. Please discuss the timeline and key points below with your sons during the transition period before the full implementation takes place in Week 6.

2022 Term 4

Week 5:  The device policy will be implemented (with one week of no consequences and reminders only to allow students time to adjust). Policy changes will be addressed in detail in Year 9 and 10 Assemblies.

Week 6:  The device policy will be fully implemented with consequences to be issued.

2023 Term 1

Week 0:  Reminders to the community regarding our device policy will be sent out via the website, school links, school apps, school publications, and social media.

Week 1:  Policy changes will be confirmed with staff, and procedures regarding the device policy and consequences will be addressed and implemented.

The key points that should be highlighted are:
1. This is not a device ban. There are still times when devices can be used with the permission of teachers and staff.

2. By device we mean all electronic devices (e.g. phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, and gaming devices).

3. Devices can be used before and after school on school grounds.

4. The consequence for using devices during intervals and lunchtimes is a litter detention.

5. The consequence for using devices during class time without the permission of a staff member is a faculty detention.

6. Contacting home should be done before or after school, or through the Student Services Centre. This is current school policy and has not changed.

We thank you for the overwhelming support for this change that we received via the community survey and consultation process. We know that there will be substantial short and long term benefits for our boys as we move forward with this change and we appreciate your continued support.