by Gabe Robinson

HBHS 1st XV Rugby team secure a comfortable win over Napier Boys' High School.

The fourth round of Super 8 had our 1st XV battle against a strong and physical Napier team.

On the 2nd of July our 1st and 2nd XV teams travelled down to Napier for the fourth round of Super 8 and were billeted for the night. The next morning gave us perfect dry and sunny playing conditions, with a little breeze.

Image by: Gabe Robinson

The game started slowly with Napier pinning our team in the left corner where they would set three line-out drives which were effectively repelled by our forward pack.  After a long period with each team turning the ball over, Aki Tuivailala intercepted the ball and ran 50 metres to give us the opening points.  A penalty kick to us, and a try to Napier had the game at 10 - 7 heading into halftime.  A stern chat at halftime seemed to wake the boys up and we went into the second half with business to attend to. Four tries later, and no points conceded, wrapped the game up at 32 - 7. 

Our 2nd XV came out firing to muscle up against a big Napier side as well.  A strong start to our boys gave us a 20 - 0 advantage heading into halftime.  Napier being the strong team they are, came back out in the second half with a hiss and a roar and scored three converted tries to get themselves well and truly back in the game.  Fortunately for us, they couldn't keep up with our fitness levels and speed and conceded two more tries which ended the game at 34 - 21.