by Luke Katene

Young entrepreneurs show off their products in the Waikato Y.E.S. Pitch Competition

The HBHS Business Studies contingent was well represented by Grove Year 13s at the annual Young Enterprise Scheme Pitch Day.

A group of ambitious Year 13 students from Grove have dedicated themselves to the realm of Business Studies, striving to establish a venture that embodies both sustainability and innovation. Throughout the year, their collective efforts have culminated in the creation of an impressive array of products.

Among their remarkable offerings are a sleek, flash leather card holder, an all-natural beeswax shoe polish that revitalises footwear with an unparalleled shine, a meticulously crafted custom chopping board that combines practicality with artistic flair, and an environmentally conscious shoe deodoriser that effectively eliminates odours while minimising ecological impact.

The culmination of their hard work arrived on Thursday the 8th of June, when they confidently presented their entrepreneurial endeavours before a distinguished panel of judges. Each team member demonstrated exceptional poise and articulation, leaving a lasting impression on the panel and garnering considerable interest in their unique product offerings.

Having triumphed in their pitch, these enterprising individuals now find themselves on the precipice of the next exciting phase: bringing their goods to market. Armed with passion and determination, they eagerly await the opportunity to connect with potential customers and share the fruits of their labour. With a compelling story to tell and a range of exceptional products at their disposal, success is within reach for these talented young entrepreneurs.

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Beeswax Works

Image by: Luke Katene

Beeswax Works is our exceptional natural beeswax product, which acts as a waterproofer, polish, and conditioner, crafted naturally with care in New Zealand. Developed as a school project in the Young Enterprise Scheme, our Beeswax product embodies sustainability and purity, providing you with 100% natural alternatives for various uses of leather products.

For use on all leather products, it is commonly used on school shoes, hiking boots, dress leather boots, or just any leather product you desire.

We retail for $15 for the pot, which is 100g and will see out a long time of use.

Cheers from Ben, Lachie, and Tom.


Image by: Luke Katene

We are a company focused on helping Kiwis eliminate harmful odours and bacteria from their shoes. We are eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% NZ owned and operated. Our shoe deodoriser is tested and works best on dry shoes.

For one 100 mL spray bottle it is $10.00. Contact @odourlessnz on IG for more information.

Jono, Aidan, Ravi, and Jack  


Are you sick of using a blunt knife that won't simply cut? Well our business Crafted is here to solve that problem. By crafting the innovative idea of inserting a sharpening stone onto the chopping board, you can simply sharpen your knife right there in your kitchen. Our board isn’t limited to having the sharpening stone on the board. We offer the service of customisable options with or without the stone, as well as keeping the natural look on the board. For only $60 all this hassle saving could become yours.

Joshua Baker 


Image by: Luke Katene

Today we are introducing you to Zeleather goods, the ideal alternative to a synthetic card holder for the back of your phone. Our product is produced from recycled premium leather with durability, sustainability and affordability at the forefront of our success. We are providing you with a luxury product produced here in New Zealand for $15 dollars per case.Thank you, from the Zeleather goods team of Angus Reeves (Chief Sales Manager), Mac Russ (Chief Financial Officer), and Max Pearson (CEO).