Sutherland House Triumphs in Nail-Biting General Knowledge for Matthew Allen Cup

In a highly anticipated and fiercely contested battle of knowledge, Sutherland House emerged as the victor after a thrilling recount which funnily enough was requested by Bennett House after they came out as the winner.

The competition took the form of a senior and junior quiz, where the boys were divided into small groups and tested on their knowledge through a series of 50 challenging questions. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by both houses showcased their passion for learning and healthy competition. Let us delve into the details of this gripping contest.

The Stage Is Set:

Months of anticipation and preparation led up to the senior and junior quiz contest between Sutherland House and Bennett House. The air was filled with an electric atmosphere as the boys from both houses eagerly awaited the opportunity to showcase their intellectual prowess. The students had spent countless hours studying, poring over textbooks, and engaging in collaborative learning activities in their respective houses.

The Quiz Contest Unfolds:

As the contest commenced, tension filled the room as the small groups of boys from Sutherland House and Bennett House focused intently on the questions presented to them. The queries spanned a wide range of subjects, including history, science, literature, mathematics, and current events. Each question served as a test of the boys' knowledge and their ability to think quickly under pressure.

The teams huddled together, collaborating to ensure they provided the most accurate and informed answers possible. The room was abuzz with intense discussions and moments of silent concentration as the boys strived to outwit their opponents and secure victory for their respective houses. 

The Twist:

When the initial results were announced, Bennett House appeared to have claimed victory by a slim margin. However, amid whispers of disbelief and murmurs of uncertainty, Bennett House graciously requested a recount to ensure the utmost fairness and accuracy of the outcome. Thanks, Henry. The decision to request a recount showcased the values of sportsmanship and integrity that both houses held dear.

After what felt like an eternity, the final results of the recount were announced, and to the astonishment of many, Sutherland House emerged as the ultimate winner. The previously elated Bennett House showed remarkable sportsmanship by accepting the outcome with grace and congratulating their worthy opponents.


The recount between Sutherland House and Bennett House provided an exhilarating conclusion to a highly engaging and challenging quiz contest. Well done, Sutherland.