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External Competitions

Office @ Heaton —

Well done to all the students who participated in the external competitions.

ICAS Mathematics

Year 7

Distinction:  Ayshanie Rm5, Alred Rm18, Melissa Rm5, Uny Rm6

Credit:  Ollie Rm6, Melia Rm6, Sophie Rm5, Anna Rm5, Tom Rm18, Flynn Rm18, Liam Rm18, Reilly Rm2, Alexander Rm18, Matthew Rm5, Seiji Rm6

Year 8

High Distinction:  Josh Rm15 

Distinction:  Ben Rm15, Zehba Rm15, Minori Rm7, Gus Rm15

Credit:  Sophie Rm15, Jacob Rm15, Seb Rm15, Jason Rm8, Yichen Rm7, Hamish Rm15, Michael Rm15, Lucas Rm15, Noah Rm12, Jared Rm7

ICAS Science

Room 7

Distinction:  Ayshanie Rm5, Melissa Rm5

Credit:  Ollie Rm6, Alfred Rm18, Hannah Rm.18, Uny Rm6, Alexander Rm18, Matthew Rm5

Year 8

Distinction:  Zehba Rm15

Credit:  Ben Rm15, Charlie Rm7, Josh Rm15, Yichen Rm7, Gus Rm15, Rocco Rm7

ICAS Spelling Bee

Year 7

Distinction:  Ayshanie Rm5

Credit:  Ellie Rm18, Isabella Rm6, Veeraj Rm6, Yema Rm19

Year 8

Distinction:  Minori Rm7

Credit:  Rocco Rm7


Year 7

High Distinction:  Irene Rm5

Distinction:  Ayshanie Rm5, Emma Rm5

Credit:  Mathew Rm5, Ellie Rm18, Jessica Rm17, Uny Rm6

Year 8

Distinction:  Hamish Rm15

Credit:  Sophie Rm15, Sam Rm8, Michael, Elise Rm12, Avni Rm7, Cory Rm12