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Photo by Office @ Heaton

Flower Memorial Service

Office @ Heaton —

Written by Ruby and Maddie, Room 7

Due to recent events, on Wednesday 20th March 2019, the Heads of School held a flower memorial service at Heaton. This included a big banner across the two big trees outside the front carpark. Students, teachers and staff lay flowers and candles underneath the banner as they walked into school, paid their respects and made a gold coin donation. The amount raised was $1,197.00. Half has been donated to The Give A Little page, and the other half to the St John Ambulance workers.

On the banner, there was a Maori quote 'Kia atawhai ki te iwi', care for the people. Myself and the other Heads of School thought this was a very fitting quote because in times like these, standing together and caring for each other is the most important thing we can do.

Christchurch, as well as New Zealand, has shown just how amazing we are as a country.

Kia kaha NZ!