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Students choosing books in the LRC
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A Parents' Guide to the LRC

Jane Boniface —

We want your child to borrow lots of books, read widely, and discover the joy of reading for pleasure! Following are some of the ways the LRC encourages and supports reading...

The LRC Collection

The LRC Collection includes Fiction and Non-Fiction books, Graphic Novels, Fast Reads, Magazines, the Ngā Taonga Māori collection, World Languages Collection and Picture Books. We aim to have something for everyone! 

LRC Catalogue

All students have attended LRC Orientation sessions and have had practice at using the LRC Catalogue to find what items we have in the LRC. The homepage of the Catalogue has a carousel displaying the most recent additions to the LRC. There are also featured book reviews that can help steer students in the direction of their next great read.

LRC Sessions

We offer a range of reading promotion sessions throughout the year, e.g. "Speed Dating... Books", as well as the more traditional Book Talks. 

Book Recommendations & Reviews

One of the favourite parts of my job is recommending books to students based on their specific interests - they just need to ask me. I've read over 400 books from our LRC collection so I can normally find at least one that fits their requirements!

Students can use the LRC "READ" webpage to access some excellent book review sites. If a student wants to read a book  that the LRC doesn't have, they can suggest I buy it for the LRC using the online suggestion form.

Competitions & Events

There are a number of reading related competitions run over the year, like the ever popular "Wacky Reader Photo Competition". Our first competition this year has been "Guess the Mystery Reader". Follow the link to test your knowledge of our staff of readers!

Returning this year is the nation wide Hell Pizza Challenge. This initiative is a great way to get reluctant readers (who hopefully enjoy pizza) into reading! When students have read seven books and recorded the details on their Pizza reading log, they will receive a voucher for a free kids pizza from Hell Pizza. 


Students can borrow six items at once, and they can always ask to borrow more. As long as they don't have any overdue items, the answer will be "yes".

The standard loan period for books is three weeks, and for graphic novels &  magazines the loan period is one week. Loans can be renewed as long as there are no reserves on that item. We don't charge fines for overdue items, but we do want students to return their overdue books so other students can borrow them.

How you can help

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help your child manage any overdue items they might have by reminding them to either renew or return overdues when required.

LRC Overdue Notices are sent by email and are generated automatically by the Library Management System. The LRC Overdue Notice sequence is as follows:

1st Overdue Notice - sent when the item is 2 weeks overdue, to the student's Heaton email address. This is a "friendly reminder" and asks the student to either renew their loan or return the item.

2nd Overdue Notice - sent when the item is 4 weeks overdue, to the student and copied to one parent/caregiver. Asks the student to return the item as soon as possible or to let Mrs Boniface know if the item is lost or there is some other reason why it cannot be returned.

3rd Overdue Notice - sent when the item is 6 weeks overdue, to the student and copied to one parent/caregiver. As no action has been taken, despite the 2 previous emails, the item is assumed to be lost. Notice is given that the student's account will be charged for the replacement cost unless the student (or parent) contacts Mrs Boniface with an explanation, or the book is returned by the next day.

If you receive a copy of an LRC Overdue Notice addressed to your child, could you please ensure your child takes the appropriate action promptly. Many thanks for your help with this.