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International Student Tuition Fees and Costs

Heaton Intermediate —

Heaton Normal Intermediate School welcomes the enrolment of international students.

International Student Fees

One Term   NZ$ 4000

Two Terms   NZ$ 7250

Three Terms  NZ$ 10500

Four Terms  NZ$ 13500

Tuition Fees Include

● ESOL (English lessons for children who have English as a second or other language, if required).

● A portion of the school’s operations costs.

● Administration fees of NZ$500 (non-refundable)

● The Government levy.

● GST (Goods and Services Tax, a Government tax currently amounting to 15% of the annual fee).

● Curriculum tuition including technology specialist classes.

Additional Costs (extra to the regular curriculum)

Stationery, digital devices, camps, class trips/performances, uniform, optional external exams, specialised music tuition & associated costs, online digital curriculum programmes, extracurricular activities, specialised assessment if required, specialised teaching other than ESOL classes, NZ dental and health services.

All payments must be for full weeks and will be in accordance with the Enrolment Contract, Refund Policy and Indemnity Contract.


Refunds are given in accordance with our refund policy, attached below. Please contact the international student coordinator for further information.

Visas & Insurance

To study full-term in New Zealand as an international student, you are required to have a student visa and insurance. For full details on how to apply for visas including fees, refer to the New Zealand Immigration Service.


International students must obtain appropriate insurance including unlimited medical care as well as expatriation and repatriation before enrolment commences. Orbit Protect or Southern Cross are two insurance options. 

Homestay Residential Care

Accommodation in homestay residential care can be arranged for students dependent on availability. We do not arrange accommodation for parents.

Homestay fees are NZ$300 per week. This covers the cost of caregiver supervision, a fully furnished and heated room, all meals and laundry. Students are expected to keep rooms clean and tidy.

Homestay fees are to be paid in full to Heaton Normal Intermediate School at the time tuition fees are paid.

The homestay placement fee is NZ$500 (GST inclusive). This includes the cost of finding and inspecting the homestay, obtaining police vetting and ongoing pastoral care all of which will be organised by Heaton Normal Intermediate. 

Designated Care

Students may live with a designated caregiver if compliance is met and approval granted by the school. Costs include $400 per year or $100 per term.

A designated caregiver is a relative or close family friend designated in writing by a parent or legal guardian of an international student under the age of 18 years as the caregiver and accommodation provider for that student.