Hero photograph
Items selected from the HGHS archive on display for Founders Day
Photo by Brian Winter

Founders Day 2022

Brian Winter —

Celebrating the rich heritage of Hamilton Girls' High School.

After a two year hiatus, Founders Day took on a different look this year and focused on the long and rich history of the school. Founded in July 1911, Hamilton High School was open to both boys and girls before splitting into the current institutions, HGHS and HBHS, that we know today. HGHS sits on the original site of Hamilton High School and has undergone many changes throughout the years. 

This year, there was an exhibition in the Atrium for two weeks open to alumni, staff, students and prospective families to observe and interact with how HGHS has become the institution it is today. We had a rich archive of resources on display including student items such as exercise books and badges, aerial photos, and a display of previous uniforms kindly arranged by Margie Wynne-Jones. We were also fortunate enough to have former students Paula Southgate, Kennedy Simon, Kerry Rattray, Jaedyn Randell and Ruby Moetara join us to share their experiences of Hamilton Girls' High. 

The Founders Day session held on 29 July was followed by a tour of the school led by Sophie Matai'a where alumni could experience first hand the changes to the landscape, and relive their school days. The experience was enjoyed by the Alumni who attended.

Founders Day Video 2022 Hamilton Girls' High School