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Photo by Julian Pescud

EPRO8 Success!

Julian Pescud —

HGHS Girls have had a great run in this year’s EPRO8 competition.

HGHS Girls have had a great run in this year’s EPRO8 competition. The entire competition took place over three days in the last two weeks of Term 2, with very close results for all who competed.

We entered three teams this year.
Nonsensical: Sophie Hulme, Bella McCarthy, Hayley Jorgensen and Kali Keeley
Ineffable Poggers: Carenza Elley, River Park, Rachel White and Jumana Fouda
Team 3: Eva Saxton, Malaika Pasha, Molly Peate and Elliette Rolton

The qualifiers were held on the 23rd June and our teams were entered in both the morning and evening heats. We had one team, the Nonsensicals, qualify for the semi-finals. The two others teams narrowly missed out, as only 4 teams out of 12 went through to the next round. The tasks that our teams had to complete included creating a machine that prints lines on the road, and a magic show using electromagnets. Our qualifying team, the Nonsensicals, missed out on winning their heat by the narrowest of margins.

The semifinals and finals took place the following week, on 30th June and 1st July. In their semifinal, called the "Rock Band Edition", our team built an automatic drum machine, and in the final they took on an automatic limbo machine.

The electronics for the gearing to make the limbo machine automatic proved to be a serious challenge for the Nonsensicals, and despite some ferocious building of a second device, a weight lifting machine, they finished in 7th place, out of the 150 or so who started the competition. We should all feel very proud of the effort our girls put in. They did so well in a tough regional competition.