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Photo by Brittany Kenny

Edge Internship 2022

Jovi Taylor —

My experience applying for the Edge Internship!

In Term 1 I was encouraged by my Media Studies teacher, Ms Kenny, to submit a form to take part in The Edge radio station’s Interns Program. Two students from Year 12 or 13 would be picked to represent their school after making it through a series of trials. Rebecca Yuan, our Head Girl, also applied for an internship there and was successful.

At first, I was quite nervous, having taken ages to even decide on a decent portrait image of myself. Surprisingly, I made it through the first phase to the second which was a series of questions testing me. Some questions were, ‘Who is your favourite Edge announcer and why?"  I answered, “Meg”, a huge influence for me as a female radio announcer in a typically male dominated industry. Then there were questions like ‘What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?’ and ‘What are you binge watching at the moment?’ I can’t lie, I almost forgot everything I knew about myself due to the nerves and excitement I was feeling filling out this form, taking me one step closer to a new opportunity. Frankly, I’ve never really been one for exotic eating other than as a toddler where I exercised my hand grabbing skills to a wide extent, i.e. sand, cat food, anything that could reach my mouth was edible, including feet. Anyways, I had made it through the second round - it felt more like an elimination round in a high stakes television show than application for an internship! The final step was a phone call with the man himself, Cam Loft, who is the organiser of the Edge Interns. When I received an email stating I had “been selected as an Edge intern for 2022” I was more than ecstatic. So far in the internship I’ve been doing voicing sessions talking about what HGHS is up to which are played at certain times on the radio. It’s been an exciting and nerve racking experience to say the least. I will definitely be applying next year and would encourage others to do so as well!

by Jovi Taylor