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Student Stories

Pam Hunt —

Some of our students talk about their time with us.

Kurumi Mori - Japan

I am so appreciative that I came to Hillmorton High School because the teachers and students are very kind and friendly. I was so nervous on my first school day, however, I felt like that I would be okay. That was because the teachers supported me and some students were nice to me even though we had just met each other for the first time.

I am pretty sure that Hillmorton High School is the only school that provides international students with so many opportunities. Amongst others, we have a welcome party, swimming sports, athletics sports, Stage Challenge, school formal and the international trip to Tekapo.

I can develop what I want to do as well. The teachers introduced me to an orchestra and some concert bands once I told them that I can play the piano and saxophone. They ordered some professional teachers for me to learn my instruments more. I am really enjoying performing with other people in bands. I am doing well academically. I study a rang of subjects across different levels and am on track to meet my goal of Level 3 NCEA.

I also really enjoy living with my homestay family. They understand what I want to do and are supportive of my musical activities; they are always nice to me and I always feel comfortable - it is like my real home. My family helps me with my English as we have a lot of conversations together.

Thania Zagal Fernandez - Chile

Image by: Pam Hunt

It has been an amazing experience. You can choose your subjects and meet other people from all over the world. The host families have been awesome - it's really cool to spend time with them.

Elias Rannoch - Germany

Image by: Pam Hunt

My experience in Christchurch at Hillmorton has been amazing so far. I've met a variety of different nice people who I've become good friends with. With the school and the subjects I'm studying I've visited a lot of different places and gathered a lot of good memories.