Complaints and Grievances

Pam Hunt —

While we want our students to have the best time with us studying at Hillmorton High School and living in New Zealand, we understand that they might have a complaint or problem that needs to be addressed.

We have both internal and external procedures in place to support students who have a complaint or grievance.

Internal Procedures

Internally, we suggest students or their representatives (family / agents / advisors)  approach school staff, either within the International Department, or the wider school. Alternatively, they are able to contact either our Principal, Ann Brokenshire, or the school's Board of Trustees.

External Procedures

If the complaint / grievance is a serious one and the complainant is not satisfied with Hillmorton's internal procedures and solutions, there are external options:


NZQA is a government organisation and is responsible for administering the Code. They can provide an independent assessment of a complaint and will either investigate it or provide advice on appropriate actions.

For information on how to make a complaint, see the NZQA website page relating to complaints about an organisation, or contact them by email, or phone 0800 006 296.

NZQA also have a brochure providing information on How to Make a Complaint

iStudent Complaints

iStudent Complaints is an independent service provided by the New Zealand Government that can help students resolve concerns and complaints related to money or contracts with an education provider. They can also be contacted by email or phone 0800 006 675