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Our Homestays

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Students can immerse themselves in kiwi culture, become part of a kiwi family and use their English everyday by staying with one of our friendly and caring homestays.

All of our host families live in our community; they are selected to provide the students with the best experience possible.

Homestay accommodation includes three meals a day, a private furnished bedroom (bed, desk, chair, linen), WiFi and much more.

Our designated International Student Assistant (with homestay responsibilities), Heidi Cayford, is an integral part of our team, providing support to our students and our families.

Our homestays are visited and checked regularly to ensure they are of a suitable standard, including having all adults checked by the police. We maintain regular communication with the host families as part of our support for them and the students.

Students also have the option of living with their parents if they are living in Christchurch, or with a Designated Caregiver (DCG). A DCG must be a close relative or family friend.

All student accommodation must be approved by the school and students and parents / legal guardians are required to agree to the relevant International Student Accommodation Agreement included in the International Student Application Form and Contract of Enrolment.

Becoming a Homestay

If you would like to become a homestay, please contact Heidi Cayford at cayfordh@hillmorton.school.nz or international@hillmorton.school.nz, or call 338 5119, extension 871, to discuss this.

Alternatively, you may like to complete our Homestay Application Form.