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A message from the Ministry of Education


Announcing childcare for workers of Alert level 4 businesses or services

Kia ora koutou

Please find below information regarding childcare for Covid level 4 workers. This is intended as support for parents and whānau of children 0-13 years who are required to work providing essential services and who are unable to source private childcare.

Thank you to those home-based providers who are providing this care.

Childcare for Workers of Alert Level 4 Business or Services Scheme

The Government has contracted approved licensed home-based education and care providers across the country to provide childcare to workers in Alert Level 4 businesses and services.

Childcare through this scheme is only available:

  • During an alert level 4 lock-down period as announced by the New Zealand Government.
  • For children under the care of Alert Level 4 business or service workers.
  • Where there are no other adults in the household able to undertake childcare.
  • For children aged 0-13.

The preference remains that Alert Level 4 workers make their own private arrangements where they are able to do so.

Conditions of childcare delivery:

  • Carers are only able to care for one household.
  • Funding is not available where the carer normally lives at the same address as the worker in an Alert Level 4 business or service.
  • Workers in Alert Level 4 businesses or services are not to be charged any fees for this service.
  • All Covid19 Public Health rules must be complied with.

Information for parents, caregivers and whānau

A list of approved licensed home-based education and care providers can be found on our website. If you are an Alert Level 4 business or service worker, you can organise childcare by contacting one of these providers directly.

Information for home-based providers

If you are a licensed home-based education and care provider and are interested in being involved in this scheme you can contact us at ece.info@education.govt.nz.

To become an approved provider, you must:

  • Be meeting the requirements under the Licensing Criteria for Homebased Education and Care Services 2008
  • Confirm that you have undertaken a complete and current safety check including police vet, in accordance with the Children’s Act 2014, for any carers delivering care through this initiative.
  • Be able to confirm, in cases where the care is provided from the carer’s home, your organisation has previously assessed the carer’s home as meeting health and safety licensing requirements and police vetted any adults in accordance with the Education and Training Act 2020.

For more information please refer to our website.