by Tyla Harrison-Hunt

Swimming Top Athletes

We would like to congratulate the amazing students for their feats over the Swimming day

How it all went down

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to notify students of their success at our annual prizegiving. We would like to congratulate all of our successful young students on their success!


Swimming day was filled with more than just swimming. A new mix of competition and entertainment made the day enjoyable for all. With the new introduction of opening up the hydroslide and a new 'bomb competition', the students were all excited to get into the pool and on the slide. 

Our top Swimmers: 

Female Year 7:

1. India Buchanan

2. Rubybelle Ferguson

3. McKaela Caldwell

Male Year 7:

1. Zachariah Nicholson

2. Arthur Cole

3. Luke Street

Female Year 8:

1. Niamh Ellison

2. Maia Hodgman

3. Amy Robertson

Male Year 8:

1. Tyler Yu 

2. Cadell Durdin

3. Drew Walker

Female Under 14:

1. Mihana Hof

2. Olivia Halaifouna

3. Zoe Thomson

Male Under 14:

1. Matt Cleverly

2. James Quinn

3. Jack Simpson

Female Under 15: 

1. Sarah Cameron

2. Bethan Edwards

3. Mary Hunter

Male Under 15:

1. Lochie Ellison

2. Liam Wilson

3. Shae Ellis

Female Under 16: 

1. Mackenzie Buchanan

2. Pharot Hout

3. Xanthe Simpson

Male Under 16:

1. Jesse Major

Female 16 & Over:

1. Francesca Damiano

2. Leila Davies

3. Kate Rich

Male 16 & Over:

1. Ieuan Edwards

2. Joshua Fraser-Young

3. Allan Taylor

On behalf of the sports department, we would love to thank the staff and student volunteers, timekeepers, security and first aiders for the amazing day.