by Tyla Harrison-Hunt

Athletics Top Athletes

We would like to congratulate the amazing students for their feats over the Athletics Day at Ngā Puna Wai

How it all went down

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to notify students of their success at our annual prize-giving. We would like to congratulate all of our successful young students on their success!


Athletics day was a busy one from the first 'bang' of the starter gun. Athletics day included all of the favourites including high jump, long jump and sprints and finished off with a staff race where they were able to get one up on the students!

Our top Athletes: 

Female Year 7:

1. Rubybelle Ferguson

2. Scarlett Anderson

3. India Buchanan

Male Year 7:

1. Kanye Perkins

2. Toby Langrell

3. Flynn Smith

Female Year 8:

1. Rhiannon Mayers

2. Alyssa Buchan

3. Marietta Men

Male Year 8:

1. Alexander Sharr

2. Fraser Ferguson

3. Tyler Yu

Female Under 14:

1. Mihana Hof

2. Lialanie Muamua

3. Hannah Wallace

Male Under 14:

1. Shae Dunlop

2. Caleb Nickel

3. Taylor Foster

Female Under 15: 

1. Paige Francis

2. Eve Thompson

3. J'Vonte Davis-Skudder

Male Under 15:

1. Franco Vercueil

2. Shae Ellis

3. Liam Wilson

Female Under 16: 

1. Lynette Sakaria

2. Xanthe Simpson

3. Pharot Hout

Male Under 16:

1. Matt Bloomfield

2. Conner Murrell

3. Joseph Trick

Female 16 & Over:

1. Kate Rich

2. Vicky Venkataya

3. Chloe Rich

Male 16 & Over:

1. Patrick Cameron

2. Cameron Rean

3. Tim Adams

On behalf of the sports department, we would love to thank the staff and student volunteers, timekeepers, security and first aiders for the amazing day.