Hero photograph
Photo by Kim Holmes

Services Academy - Coast to Coast 

Kim Holmes —

Haeata Services ākonga return after competing in the annual Coast-to Coast competition. 

The Haeata services programme is targeted at Year 11 and 12 ākonga. The programme is specifically for ākonga that are looking to have a career in the defence force. Rāwiri Waaka is our Services Programme Leader. The programme has a strong focus on offering these ākonga self-discipline and maturity, developing a sense of community and self. The highlight of the year for the academy is the annual Coast-to-Coast competition run for all South Island Service Academies. This is a gruelling event for young men and women of this age to be competing in. 

The Haeata services ākonga spent four days competing in this competition, starting at Kumara Junction, West Coast and completing the race at Taumutu, Christchurch. 

Overall the coast to coast ākonga;

Run: 700m

Bike: 61km

Tramp: 24km

River run: 25km

River raft: 55km

Bike: 84km

Run: 3.5km

Total: 253.2km

Congratulations Haeata Services ākonga on finishing second! If we have ākonga who are interested in joining the services programme next year please see Staff Waaka.