Hero photograph
Photo by Megan Te Amo

Helpful Hints for The Holidays

Megan Te Amo —

The holiday season can be a challenging time when you are missing someone you love. Here are some helpful hints that you may be able to use..

  • Change a tradition even if just for one year or create a new tradition
  • Listen to the children – feel their joy
  • Remember gifts come in many shapes and sizes and they are not always wrapped
  • Take time for rest and recreation - relax
  • Set up a place of remembrance with a photo and candle
  • Don’t be afraid to speak their name and share their stories
  • Set up a memory book for each person to record a special memory
  • Do something totally different – you may enjoy it!
  • Connect to the spiritual – do something that brings you peace
  • Make some kind of a plan but be ready to change it
  • Make time to heal, be gentle on yourself
  • Do something for others – giving is healing
  • Don’t feel guilty about not sending cards or decorating the house
  • It is ok to cry and it is ok to be happy – don’t feel guilty for having some fun


May the soft light at the end of the day heal you
May the purr of the sea on the shells of the beach heal you
May the dance of the wind on the grass of the dunes heal you
May the maker of water and air and fire heal you who walk the earth

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities.
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