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Andrew Maffey
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Funeral Seminar Excellent

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Dying, death and funerals - a pakeha Anglican perspective presented by Alister Hendery in Dunedin on June 30, 2015.

Funeral Director, Andrew Maffey attended this interesting seminar earlier in the week. In this seminar Alister drew on his wide pastoral experience as well as the extensive research that underpins his recently published book,

Earthed in Hope:

Dying, Death and Funerals

A Pakeha Anglican Perspective (Wellington: Philip Garside Publishing, 2014).

Archbishop Philip Richardson, in the Foreword, says,

Alister quotes Paul Tillichs phrase the first duty of love is to listen. This book helps to tune the ear of the pastor who listens care-fully. I am going to place a copy of this book in the hands of every person I ordain from now on.”

Alister Hendery is an Anglican priest who has served in a wide variety of parish and diocesan settings. He has also worked in private practice as a counsellor, specialising in grief and loss, and as a funeral celebrant. Currently he is an interim priest in the Wellington Diocese, ministering with parishes in times of transition. Funeral ministry has been a focus of his life for 35 years.

He has an ongoing interest in death studies and continues to journey with people experiencing loss and change in all spheres of life, as well offering mentoring and training to lay and ordained ministers.


  • Why does contemporary society deny death and how do we help people face the reality of their mortality?
  • How do we minister in a pluralistic culture where people are ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’?
  • How has our understanding of grief changed?
  • How do we respond to a death by suicide or the death of a child?
  • What are the purposes of a funeral?
  • What is the difference between a Church funeral and a celebrant-led service?
  • What are some of the basics of taking a funeral?
  • What do we believe about life after death?

Hope and Sons recognise the importance of a flexible end-of-life journey, the importance of small details and moments of care and space, and that the final chapter of the life-story completed well so that a new book can continue...

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