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Photo by Megan Te Amo

Chestnut Villa's Lilliput Library painted by Taieri College Exchange Students!

Hope and Sons Ltd —

Last week Hope and Sons Chestnut Villa - 41 Gordon Road,  Mosgiel installed a Lilliput Library - built by the Taieri Blokes' Shed and painted by the Taieri College Exchange Students!

Hope and Sons Mosgiel premises - Chestnut Villa, 41 Gordon Road have just recently installed a Lilliput Library.

Funeral Director, Lisa Breen is based out at the Villa and has been working on the project of setting up the library for the last couple of months.

The books are free for anyone to take away. You don’t have to become a member of Lilliput Libraries, you don’t need to return the books. But we encourage you to take a book now, return or donate one later. If you’re walking by and see a book that interests you, take it home. Next time you’re passing you may want to return it or pop another book in the Lilliput Library. We’re more than happy if you pass your Lilliput Library book on to someone else. It’s all about the love of reading.  Read more here

Chestnut Villa's library was built by the Taieri Blokes' Shed,

Hope and Sons Chestnut Villa wanted the artwork painted on their library to be inspired by the theme of "the Taieri" and asked the Taieri College Students to give them a hand. The exchange students at Taieri College were more than happy to help out! It turned in to a special project by including the wonderful students who had traveled a long way to attend one of our local schools, and by giving them the opportunity to further embrace our community and to leave something behind that would remain in Mosgiel and be on display, and available for the entire community to use!  

Lisa Breen and the rest of the Hope and Sons team are so proud of the efforts and the artwork designed by the students, the library is now up and ready to go! 

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities. 
Send Lisa a message at lisa@hopeandsons.co.nz