Hope and Sons Funeral Directors — Apr 18, 2016

Remembering is such an important part of the whole funeral process. To remember and accept those who are in the past - so it’s possible to move forward to the future.

Most funerals include that little booklet or piece of paper with details of the service and basic information. Sometimes its significance can be overlooked. But what if they could be personalised? What meaning would that little piece of paper have then?

These service sheets are often more for the people left behind than for the loved one that has passed on. 

It’s important in the grieving process to honour and remember in the right way, and to create something that truly represents them can help in this journey.

Service Sheets are one of the only keepsakes after a funeral, which makes it even more important to do it in a way that characterises them. 

It can keep a record of events and, if personalised, can give future generations a glimpse into what their grandparent or great-great grandparent was like.

Photo Tributes, or a slideshow of photos, are also an integral part of a Funeral Service. 

It’s a time to focus on the happy memories that were shared and reminisce about them when they were at their best. Appreciating their life in fullness is important, and can uplift at this difficult time.

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities.
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Thanks to Davis Funerals and thedavisway.org for sharing this article with us.