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Fingerprint Keepsakes by Kiley Sparrow and FDANZ Online Training Modules

Fingerprint Keepsakes

by Kiley Sparrow

Date to be confirmed.

Kiley now has her own kiln and will be able to produce the fingerprint keepsakes locally. This evening will allow everyone to understand the process that is used and for those that would like to have a memento – maybe for a Xmas pressie – the opportunity to purchase a finished article. 

Kiley will do this at cost - $50, which Hopes will subsidise by $20, making the end cost to you only $30. Please indicate interest on staff notice board. A wine a cheese board is also provided during the evening.

FDANZ Online Training - Modules

The FDANZ have recognised that it is not always easy to provide training for the majority of companies for numerous reasons. To this end they have introduced modules that can be delivered online – that can either be completed as a group or individual.

As a company, we have decided to support this training and will look to utilise this and monitor the modules over the next 12 months, then evaluate the benefits prior to committing to this as our main source of professional development.

Some of the benefits we have identified are:

  • Accessible to the entire team meaning not just one team member attending a conference/ seminar with no overall learning benefit for the entire team.
  •  We will be able to utilise modules for staff meetings as well as individual teams within the company.
  • Able to set company training goals and ensure these are diarised and completed within certain timeframes.
  • Easier to access Training Hour Credits (THC’s) for those who a required to maintain them within a certain time frame, and company THC’s for all the team.

We will be testing the training modules in the near future and will keep you updated when this will be implemented.