Hero photograph
Lisa Breen, Hope and Sons Mosgiel based funeral director standing beside the restored grave
Photo by Megan Te Amo

Arthur Burns Grave Restoration 

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Hope and Sons Ltd are proud to have been operating for 130 years this year – 2017.

Last year Hope and Sons opened a Mosgiel office at 41 Gordon Road, Mosgiel called Chestnut Villa, this office complements the Hope owned Dukes Road Crematorium at North Taieri.

To acknowledge the opening Hope and Sons are proud to have been able to support the restoration of Mosgiel’s founding father, Arthur J Burns grave at the Southern Cemetery (located near the Oval in Dunedin). The restoration seemed fitting for the funeral home to sponsor as the Hope family has long understood the importance of memorial, remembrance, and the telling of stories for future generations to hear and learn from.

Additionally, it was fitting, as the Hope family’s original settlors arrived in 1861, and Thomas Hope worked on the Taieri as a carrier. 

We have continued to work for and care for many Taieri families and direct funerals in the local venues and churches. 

The funeral home, Chestnut Villa is located on the site of Arthur Burns’s original farmland. We have the title showing a Mary Cuddie purchasing the title in 1884 from Burns, and later the site was occupied by Elizabeth O’Kane an innkeeper from the Commercial Hotel, Mosgiel. The Villa therefore has a strong connection with Arthur Burns and we are thrilled that the Villa built after 1890 has been beautifully restored and furnished to act as an office and meeting place, as well as a venue for small funerals. It is a pleasure to be able to share the historic Villa with the community of the Taieri, and not see it demolished as so may other historic buildings have been over the years.

The grave restoration is something we can all be very proud of being involved with, and acts as a reference point to the next generation and a good reminder of our forefathers. 

Burns grave is located quite near that of his father’s the Rev Thomas Burns and early settlor from East Otago Johnny Jones.

A memorial plaque will hang in the Villa to honour the restoration and the name Arthur J Burns.

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities. Send Michael Hope a message at michael@hopeandsons.co.nz