Hope and Sons Funeral Directors — Feb 25, 2015

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War One.

While half a world away from the key theatres of this war, the Otago region and peoples none the less made dutiful contribution and ultimately endured painful losses on an unprecedented scale.

Hope and Sons recognises and respects the determination, courage and sacrifice shown by New Zealand service personnel during the course and aftermath of World War I. We express our gratitude to these service personnel, and acknowledge the resilience of their families.

The 128 year history of our company is tightly entwined with the experiences of the regions peoples. We continually reflect on our professional and personal roles and relationships in the community – seeking to sustain and develop our practice. A keen awareness of history, and how to trace it, is vital to our practice…

We have investigated and made use of several excellent resources to provide understanding and short accounts of the Gallipoli Campaign, and the ANZAC day tradition. We have also researched service archives to honour and give insight into the ‘war stories’ of our WWI servicemen in particular. Their stories resonate richly nearly a century later and have a special meaning for present-day people within the firm.

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