Hero photograph
Photo by Megan Te Amo

Kapiti Coast - Paraparaumu

Megan Te Amo —

300 Kapiti Road has now gone unconditional, so we can share the address of this location with whoever you like. The due diligence has been completed.

The due diligencehas raised a few issues which we are working through with the Architect and
the Kapiti Coast District Council. 

This is normal when dealing with the bureaucratic process.

We are fortunate to have good neighbours, who are supportive of what we are planning. The Centre Church will offer their car park for our funeral goers, and in return we will allow the church to use our carpark on Sunday’s along with families who are dropping off or picking up their children from the Church day-care centre next door.

Thanks to everyone for their input on the planning of the building. With your suggestions, we think we have a funeral home which will serve the Kapiti community well.

The final plans are about to be presented to the planning department of Kapiti Coast District Council, and we have got sign off from all our neighbours. Tse Group Architects will put out the project for tender to construction companies shortly, these will be assessed and once the contract has been let we will have a better idea when the building will be completed. At this stage, we are thinking May 2018