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Andersons Bay Road, Dunedin
Photo by Hope and Sons Funeral Directors

Hope and Sons Chapel, Andersons Bay Road, Dunedin

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Hope and Sons purpose built facilities have been a favourite location for getting together and farewelling family and friends for over 40 years.

Hope and Sons continue to offer funeral services from the well known location. They provide a variety of spaces for all kinds of gatherings, farewells, funerals, and time together for friends reconnecting and families reuniting. The spaces feel safe and secure, and give families the opportunity to have time and reflect.

Five of Hope's hearses are housed on-site including the 1927 Chrysler and the 1961 Dodge plus the modern Bunce and Kia hearses.

The Gold, Fern, and Rose rooms are great spaces to come and visit with family and see your loved one for a final time. The Gold Room also acts as a small gathering Chapel for about 15 people and is regularly used. Hope and Sons Chapel is Dunedin's premier funeral venue and can comfortably seat nearly 300 people but often has about 100 at funeral. It offers great sound and video as well as Livestreaming. 

The Hope Reception Lounge and Courtyard gives families that great opportunity to catch up with friends either inside the Lounge or outside in the Courtyard. Time to share stories and memories and pass on the old stories and memories to the next generations.

Families are using the facilities as they want to, in different combinations and with different timings and Hope's try and meet the many requests with flexibility and practical advice.

Hope and Sons have seen many changes in the South Dunedin area, they are pleased to be able to offer nearly 100 car-parks, but have watched over the years as the neighbourhood's activities and vehicle usage has changed. 

Hope and Sons has a nice family facility in Palmerston where people can visit and view, and come and go as they please, and they are able to make good use of the Dignity Chapel in Middleton Road, St Clair Park. The most recent addition sees the cremations being attended to at the tranquil Dukes Road Crematorium.