Hope and Sons Funeral Directors — Sep 12, 2016

A church service was held to celebrate the 100 years of the RSA on 11 September.

First Church of Otago was the perfect venue for the church service. Attending were about 200 people, the First  Church congregation, the St Kilda Brass Band, and the RSA Choir.

The service was lead by Rev Tokerau Joseph with the Anglican Dean and NZ Defence Chaplain assisting.

Prof Broughton and Lox Kellas read the Ode.

The music of the band and pipe organ was spectacular, loud and uplifting. The singing was inspiring, amplified by the Choir.

The colors were presented by two over 90 year old veterans, including Archdeacon Neville Selwood who flew in WW2.

The beautiful spring morning concluded with morning tea at Burns Hall.

Michael Hope represented Hope and Sons Funeral Directors.

Hope and Sons were pleased to be able to design and print the Order of Service. 

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities.
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