Megan Te Amo — May 26, 2016

With the Hope and Sons Art Awards 2016 theme of "Reflections of who we are" we were inspired to ask some of our staff to give their own personal reflections.

Here's what Managing Funeral Director, Michael Hope had to say:

Michael's Personal Reflection
I enjoy quiet family time and spending time with Jannette, and some noisy social times with friends around the BBQ. Life should be balanced, for us lots of hard work, then with rewards of quiet time at home, watching TV or listening to music, occasional travel to warmer climes, and the simplicity of visiting Karitane and walking on the beach. Balance is not always easy and a funeral directors life is more a passion than a 9 to 5 job. We love looking after people and helping friends and making new friends through our professional care. Life is busy with house renovations, work projects, a teenage son in the household, and busy lives but we would not swap it for anything.
I love Dunedin, Otago, the South Island, and New Zealand – we are very lucky to live here.
Michael's Funeral Philosophy
We, as funeral directors, deeply understand the importance of understanding the reality of death, of reinforcing the shock and permanence of loss, and the complicated way that we as human beings cope with severe loss.
We encourage remembrance and reflection, and understand I think why the community as a whole gravitates towards the shared strength in being together to mourn but reflect and remember, like a funeral it is important to take time out of busy lives to pause, reflect, remember, and acknowledge the importance of the loss of every life – no matter the reason. We need to be able to let go, to feel the agony, and release that special person – in a timely and respectful manner - remember, to smile, to cry, and be able to let go and say goodbye.
Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities.
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