Hope and Sons Funeral Directors — Jul 12, 2016

Why the Eulogy matters and how to craft a fitting one when it matters...

The importance of “remembering” at the time of a death will without doubt continue to be one of the most important parts of the rituals associated with a funeral. Therefore, it goes without saying that the eulogy will take centre stage in painting the picture of a person’s history, achievements, influence on others, and the part they played in shaping the lives of those gathered to remember.

Whilst the preparation and crafting of a eulogy is deeply personal, eulogies are generally delivered for all mourners gathered to remember. 

It is impossible to find all of the words we need to recreate who somebody was and what they meant to us. We all relate on different levels, having shared different relationships and experiences. For this reason, the main eulogy will often be supported by other speakers recounting different specific aspects of a person’s life.

The eulogy is most often delivered by a close family member or friend. If this is not possible then the celebrant or minister may do this on behalf of the family. Most funeral directors will tell you that the eulogy can be the making or breaking of a“good” funeral. 

For many it will be the first time you have to put together a eulogy, so here are a few helpful tips for planning.

Lastly, a few questions that will generally help you in deciding what to say:

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