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Matt Jenkins - qualified embalmer
Photo by Hope and Sons Funeral Directors

Matt Jenkins Qualified Embalmer

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Matt Jenkin's completed his NZ Diploma in Embalming in October 2015.

Matt had a busy year working and completing his Diploma. He was ably supervised by Johanna Kinvig NatDipFS, and excelled at both the academic and practical challenges.

He joined the Hope and Sons team 3 years ago, and has become extremely proficient in the mortuary and embalming arts and sciences. He rounds out his duties as a helpful Funeral Assistant and is very capable during On-Call rostered weekends.

NZ Diploma

The programme places an emphasis on the theory and practice of embalming and the art of restoring the human body to its usual appearance. Along with the study of embalming, students complete modules in specialist subjects including anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology and chemistry.

Programme structure

The programme is delivered over a 34 week period including block courses and clinical placement modules. Each student is required to nominate an approved, qualified supervisor, who is appointed to guide and assist his learning throughout the clinical placement periods.

Nature of the programme 

Students attend the modules at WelTec in Wellington and between modules are required to undertake specific supervised learning experiences at their place of employment. 

A final clinical module provides opportunity for reflective practice. 

Each student must have a qualified supervisor during the clinical experience modules. The supervisor must be an experienced, suitably qualified Embalmer who is able to evaluate and assist the student during practical experiences.