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Photo by Megan Te Amo

Facilities/ Premises

Megan Te Amo —

Chestnut Villa, Dukes Road Crematorium, Dignity Funeral Services, Hope and Sons Anderson Bay, Hopes and Sons Palmerston, Hope and Sons Bay View Road, Whitestone Funerals Oamaru

Chestnut Villa:

  • We have identified the importance of having the Villa manned as often as possible. To this end, when Lisa on leave, away at training or working from Hopes, we will look to Nicky to fulfil this role.
  • We have Murray Turner looking to do ongoing painting maintenance over the next 12 months.
  • Always looking to be involved in the Mosgiel community – ideas welcome
  • Regular visits to the rest homes providing About funerals and looking for training opportunities.
  • Promotion of Bereavement Support Library to schools in the area
  • Joining the Mosgiel Business Association and attending meetings
  •  Market Day, A & P Show, Wings and Wheels and other public Events
  •  Open Day @ the Villa

Dukes Road Crematorium:

  • Looking to re-brick the floor of the cremator as soon as possible
  • On-going training with RT, MJJ and AM to ensure smooth operation when JF on leave.
  • Source new temporary urns through local company Farra engineering - due to Return to Sender ownership change to an Australian Company.

Dignity Funeral Services:

  • Community Garden still being well supported by the community
  • Christmas Service being held on Thursday ?? December at 7pm
  • One Room being installed in Chapel – hopefully completed within the next 2 weeks
  • Fibre connection and new router has improved data speed

Hope and Sons Andersons Bay:

  • One Room up and running. Working well.
  • Christmas Service being held on Sunday ?? December at 3pm
  • Server Rack not available to be installed until November (Hopefully)
  • Dodge Seneca back up and operational. Plans for this to be restored early next year.

Hope and Sons Palmerston:

  • Still going up one morning every 2 weeks.
  • When Nicky not available, we have identified the importance of this still happening.
  • Promotion and sponsorship reviewed regularly – Kelly Canter, Cockies Classic, East Otago Review, Play centre Phone-book

Hope and Sons Bay View Road:

  • Looking to get the carpet re-stretched in main thorough fare areas
  • Additional Production Printer installed
  • Bar B Q weather approaching – need to look to clean BBQ and set outdoor furniture on grass in next month.

Whitestone Funeral Services – Oamaru

  • Vinyl being lifted in the crematorium with plans to polish the concrete floor
  • New signage underway for the entrance and on the main building
  • New branding to be put on all the company vehicles
  • Introduced Tributes On-Line and now uploading all funerals onto this site
  • Working on a long-term plan for the building to enhance facilities for the families
  • New plan for memorial gardens, with implementation of a booking/sales system for ash plots being integrated into freedam (JWH/ MP working with JP)
  • Christmas Service being held on 13 December 2017.  This will be advertised publicly. (DJ working with JP)