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Hope and Sons Mosgiel - 41 Gordon Road
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Spending time together

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

The Front Room in Chestnut Villa, Hope and Sons new funeral home in Mosgiel, is an ideal place to visit and spend time with your loved one.

The Villa, is comfortably appointed and decorated. The historic kauri has been beautifully and skillfully refurbished. Cosy furniture and spacious rooms lend to this being a tranquil and peaceful setting. Hope and Sons welcome families to come and share this unique and special place.

It is not always easy

We know the reality of death is difficult for many people. This is dependent in large part to the nature of the death, and the age of the deceased.

We encourage families to spend time with their loved-one – whether that be at home or at Hope and Sons in a family lounge. There is immense benefit to most people in doing this, and we have found that once you have seen the person who has died, it is harder for your mind to play tricks on you later – it is easier to believe and understand that they have died.

We want it to be a good experience, so our highly-skilled team of embalmers look after the person, with dignity and great care.

We will dress them in the clothes family feel is appropriate and have them in the chosen casket, so that family and friends can spend time with them.

Making it real

Often this time is the moment when the reality of death is its most obvious. Although this may be hard to do, it does make it real, and it certainly helps many to move forward with their grief and start being accustomed to not having the physical presence of that person with them. At this time families may take the opportunity to also leave personal effects in the casket. This may be such things as photographs, letters, cards, or drawings from grandchildren.

Hope and Sons are contemporary yet respectful of tradition, being a five generation funeral family caring for the Dunedin, Mosgiel, and Otago communities.  
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