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Photo by Hope and Sons Funeral Directors

Hope team visit Dukes Road Crematorium site

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Building marked out as Building Consent draws nearer.

The Hope and Sons team enjoyed the opportunity to visits the new site for the Dukes Road Crematorium this week.

An outline of the facility was marked in the grassy area showing the sizes of the working areas and garage. It gave a good sense of feel for the driveways, space, and parking areas.

It is interesting to begin to see the area continue to develop.

Hope and Sons have been responding to 22 questions asked by the Building Consent team, with the assistance of GJ Gardners, a fire engineer, and Gas Test Certifier. All the responses will be ready for the DCC next week, all going well.

Construction will begin within ten days of the Building Consent being approved.

The plant has been ordered from the USA and will arrive in June or July.

We envisage the facility will be in operation in October or November of this year, all going well.