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Photo by Megan Te Amo

Team Updates

Megan Te Amo —

Administration, Funeral Directors, Mortuary, Printing and Multimedia, Reception Lounge, Dukes Road Crematorium, Bereavement Support Service, Management, Advisory Board

Administration: Barbara McClenaghan

Barbara & Louise managing the workload well. Using Marie as needed and when the main team are taking annual leave.
Marie is working on appointments for prepayments and prearrangements and this is going well. We will look to work with her to set targets for 2018

Funeral Directors: Johanna Kinvig

Feedback from families continues to be positive regarding the team. We are always striving to maintain a healthy and even number of families being cared for by funeral directors, and continue to monitor the workloads. Training with Mel and Jodie continues to progress well.

Mortuary: Robyn Thomson

New side sets are going to be introduced once we have used all oyster satin side sets. This has come about due to the drop in the quality of the satin side sets.
Time between death and funeral for the last 2 months has been steady at 5.27 days. This is also reflected in the arterial embalming being performed sitting at 83%.

Printing/ Multi Media: Megan Te Amo

Georgia, Emily and Megan continue to run a tight ship. Sponsorship, funeral work, promotion and advertising are all being completed in-house and at the highest standard. Managing on behalf of Hopes, Dignity and Whitestone the production and supply of promotional products, printing supplies, company printed materials including promo brochures, in-house forms, Calendars, Whitestone stationary, forms and brochures. Management of the websites for Hopes, Whitestone and Funeral Link. New multimedia package development and implementation.

Reception Lounge: Mel Pearson

Lisa Miles has fitted in well. She is successfully managing the lounge and its day to day requirements, with Mel Pearson still assisting with reporting and costings. Mel will work and train Lisa until she is totally confident and competent at these roles before stepping back to manage at a distance.

Dukes Road Crematorium: Andrew Maffey

Deciding to base John at the crematorium full time has worked very well overall. John is managing the day to day operations to an extremely high standard. He has represented DRC and Hopes professionally with visiting groups to the crematorium.

Bereavement Support: Robyn Gray

Robyn and Marie offer our families ‘real support’ after the funeral which we as a company identified years ago as being so important.

Management: Mel, Andrew, Johanna, Megan, Robyn T, Gary, Michael, Jannette, Jodie

Continue to meet monthly. Although looking at the previous month, we are looking to utilise this more for looking to the month/s ahead and planning for the year ahead. Looking at trends identified through monthly/ annual reporting and identifying and planning for trends as they develop.

Advisory Board: Tony, Scott, Michael, Jannette, Simon

Always looking forward, Tony and Scott offer encouragement, grounding and long-term goals for planning for the company going forward. Looking at the upcoming year, we are also looking further to 3, 5, 10 years and identifying what we need to be doing now to ensure ongoing success and management of the company. Identifying possible markets like Central Otago and Kapiti. Always pushing us to question why we are thinking like we are, instead of inside the box, or vice versa.