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37 Years of Records Scanned

Hope and Sons Funeral Directors —

Hope and Sons are archiving their historic records in a digital format.

Hope and Sons are very proud of their long history in Dunedin and Otago. Established in 1887 their funeral records reach back to 1928 in detail and in a more limited fashion to 1917.

They've just completed the first stage of digitising their Company funeral records. This is to keep the records safe and archived, and also to make them searchable and accessible. They have always been very proud of the quick physical access they have had to their older files by very good indexing methods.

All of the old paper records from 1928 to 1967 were indexed to a card system by Shirley Hope in the 1970's. This meant for speedy searches by name and then date of death.

The White Card system was designed by Peter Hope and started in July 1967. This kept a comprehensive database of all the families that Hope and Sons cared for over the years.

In April 2004 a computer system FDPower was introduced by Michael Hope based around an Access Database to record all funeral and billing details. Latterly the system FreeDam has been introduced which has further enhanced the use of our data to share on mobile devices and to status boards throughout the facilities.

37 years of White Cards have now been scanned by Megan and Georgia, and these are fully searchable pdf's, these provide an invaluable resource for us to use as we continue looking after families generation after generation.

The next phase is to scan the Paper Records from 1928-1967, this will involve scanning and manual data entry, as many of the old records are on blue paper written in pencil.

The current Hope Team are honoured to be able to be preserving the history and tradition of our forebears.