Hero photograph
Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Level 1 Geography Trip to Corsair Bay, Taylors Mistake, Sumner Beach and New Brighton Beach

Jan Handley —

On Tuesday 10th May a small group of Level 1 Geography Students travelled around four beaches in Christchurch to collect data for their research assessment. The assessment looks at the effect of wind on waves and also the shapes of the beach.

We started the day hoping for no rain and immediately hit a rainstorm as we were heading for Corsair Bay. After waiting for the worst of the rain to stop we headed for the beach. It was calm with only a little rain and the students worked well in groups to collect all the data.

Heading away from Corsair Bay and towards Taylors Mistake the sun came out, the wind was light and Taylors Mistake was calm. The students knew what they were doing when they arrived at the beach and the tasks moved along quickly. Next stop was Sumner beach where the weather was still warm, clear and calm, the data was collected in a well organised manner. We sat on the rocks and had our lunch then had a walk up the rock.

Finally the last stop was New Brighton where it was still fine but definitely a little cooler. The tide was high so the beach was not very wide. This made the profile much easier to measure.

It was a great day with some amazingly unexpected weather and the students achieved all they set out to do.