Hero photograph
Photo by Kelly McNicholl

Spirit of adventure

Ella Nichole —

My name is Ella Nichole and I am in Year 12. I was given the opportunity to go on a ten day sailing trip on the Spirit of New Zealand.

The trip consisted of swimming, rafting, sailing and much more. We sailed to a lot of different places I've never seen before including Motuihe Islands, Hooks Bay, Smokehouse Bay, and Broken Island. By the end of the trip we had traveled 180 Nautical miles ( around 333 km ). Our group did a lot of activities that ranged from climbing on the ship and swinging off the side on a rope swing to passing a bucket full of water as fast as possible without spilling it. Another activity was called game mines, where you step on a tile to see if it is safe or not to get to the other side of the ship.  The food was also awesome, we never went hungry!

If you love boats and nature and learning something new I would recommend this trip. The amazing things I got to see and the lovely people I got to meet made me all the more grateful. The experience was filled with fun, music, laughs, and challenges. Thank you to Fisher Windows for their Scholarship. This trip is one I'm glad I didn't miss.