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Lucretia Treadgold —

Hello everyone, my name is Djarn and I am a Year 12 student at Hornby High School and a Stars mentor.

Stars mentoring is a programme for Years 12 and 13 run by an organisation called Graeme Dingle Foundation.

When I was in Year 9 we had Stars class once a week with a few seniors. At first I thought omg this is so boring, like what the heck. Then when the class started and I got used to the mentors, I enjoyed it a bit more. We had a lot of competitions and the mentors made the class a lot more fun. At the end of stars mentoring, I thought to myself I loved this class but I don't want to be one, like boring as, right?

Well look at me now. I'm something I never thought I would be.

Being a stars mentor has helped me improve a lot of skills such as communication, speaking in front of people, and helping me be a better person. Being a mentor you get to learn who your class is, become closer to your class and you will get along with your class just fine.

When I first contemplated becoming a Stars mentor, I was scared of who I would get and what would happen during the year. But to this day I have not once left my class. They can be noisy but they are well behaved. This is not a once in a lifetime opportunity but it is only for Year 12 and 13. It could help you become a leader in the future.

Being a Stars mentor you get to take a Year 9 class for half a period, once a week and initially it's a bit uncomfortable but it gets easier. You get to play games, laugh and have a good time with your class. I think the one thing I missed this year due to the pandemic was the Stars Day Out where all Year 9's go out for a day and do team building activities.

If you want to become a leader, prefect, or head girl when you hit Year 13, then I highly recommend you take this opportunity. It is a step to becoming what you want to be.

I am so thankful I took this opportunity and could fulfil some of my mum's wishes in becoming a better person and a better leader. Without help from friends and family I wouldn't be the person I am today, standing in front of classes and speaking with confidence. So thank you to those who have supported me.

If you have any questions contact either Lucretia or I. 

To contact Lucretia, you can email her at: Lucretia.treadgold@dinglefoundation.org.nz

To contact me, come visit me in the Home Ec Rooms at interval or lunch. Email: 15052@hornby.school.nz